President Han Records Museum began to start the work of President Park Kei-hui record transfer

Records of the transfer of the object agencies, including Cheong Wa Dae secretariat, police room, information systems in various fields 19
According to the Korean media reported that the South Korean presidential museum began to prescribe the transfer of the various records produced by former President Park Ji-hui during his term of office. It is reported that the President of the Administrative Autonomy Department of the record of the transfer of the promotion group on the 14th visit Cheong Wa Dae, with Cheong Wa Dae to adjust the presidential record transfer schedule and discussion staff, items support program. It is reported that the record transfer of the object institutions, including Cheong Wa Dae Secretary, police room, information systems in various fields such as 19, including the former President Park Jiu-hui in any period of electronic documents, conference materials, oral report materials, personnel records, speeches The According to the relevant laws, the President of the State Council, headed by Prime Minister Huang Jiaoan, presided over the presidency. The chief secretary will transfer the record to the secretary of the speech, sort out it, and then submit to Huang Jiao'an. According to reports, if the record is presumed, unless the Congress vote or the court issued a related order, or ordinary records and private life-related records will not be in 15 years and 30 years to read.

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