Men buy lottery tickets in the $ 100,000 for the use of false documents to accept the prosecution

20-year-old Jobie Boals-Watters holds a prize for his illegally winning winning lottery
According to foreign media reports, the United States, Iowa, a man scraping $ 100,000 "scratch music" lottery award, this is a happy event, unexpectedly he was reported to use false documents to receive bonuses , And its own did not reach the legal age of the purchase of lottery. Now, not only the huge bonus to be recovered, the man is also facing the prosecution. According to reports, in July this year, 20-year-old Wales (Jobie Boals-Watters) held a prize to buy his illegal winning lottery. He will face juvenile gambling charges because he is under the age of 21. Wester at the time of the award to the lottery issuer said the winning lottery is a colleague to help him to buy; because others way of purchasing in Iowa is a legitimate act, so he successfully returned more than 70,000 US dollars after tax bonus. However, the Waters General Award photo affixed to the social network, was actually reported to the lottery is their own purchase. Lottery management department found that the report is true, so will recover the bonus. A spokesman for the Iowa Lottery Board said the store's monitor screen showed that Walters did buy the lottery ticket in person, so the winning was invalid. His actions have violated Iowa's criminal rules. It is believed that Wales in the purchase of lottery, the shopkeeper said he was over 21 years old. The sale of lottery tickets will also face the punishment, because the owners violate the provisions of the lottery is not valid to verify the identity of the documents.

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