66-year-old with his wife riding a motorcycle tour 3 language barrier unreasonable all gestures

Wang Jianwei with a motorcycle carrying his wife
Baoji that love the old urchin has been 66 years old, but he was so spiritual, playful. This year, he took 53 days, travel 15,000 km, cost 11,600 yuan, with his wife with old riding motorcycle travel Laos, Thailand and Vietnam 3 countries. "My wife and I now run a little wild, but also want to go out as long as the body allows my motorcycle trip will continue." July 17 morning, the old urchin Wang Jianwei smiled and said in an interview. Old couple mouth three language barrier unreasonable by gesture Wang Jianwei, 66 years old, is Baoji City Weibin District, his wife Zhang Youzhen, 64 years old. In 2014, Wang Jianwei lasted nearly 40 days riding a motorcycle, after Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang and other places, travel 12,000 kilometers, and ultimately arrived in the northern part of the motherland in Heilongjiang Province, Mohe County, North Village and the easternmost Wu Suzhen. July 2015, Wang Jianwei with his wife, took a month, travel 12,600 km, traveled to Xinjiang, they went to the northwest of the first village of white Haba, also went to the western border of the motherland whistle The The two travels "Chinese business today Baoji" have been reported. Swim the domestic, old couple also imagine the same young people to go abroad to see. Earlier this year, they had plans to travel abroad. April 14, they were about two of the Morocco Mo friends travel abroad, the results went to the middle, two friends for some reason to give up, Wang Jianwei will carry his wife all the way south, via Sichuan, Yunnan, from Yunnan to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam. After the return through Guangxi, Guangdong, Hainan, Hunan, Hubei, Henan, and finally returned to Baoji. April 23 at noon when they went to Laos, the two hungry, this time they found difficulties come, because the language barrier, want to eat what can only gestures. Wang Jianwei said that the shop owner is more experienced, a look at the language barrier, let the menu, and then hit the price to let them see the price. Travel, the longest place they stayed was Thailand, for a total of 15 days. "Thailand tourist attractions, and traffic conditions are better, suitable for motorized travel." Wang Jianwei said. As Vietnam banned motorized entry, they found a tour guide, the motorcycle on the tour guide, the tour guide took them to Vietnam to play a few days. The trip, a total of 53 days, travel 15,000 km, cost 11,600 yuan. All the way to meet a lot of enthusiastic compatriots help language barrier is their biggest obstacle to travel, eat, stay, ask the way, they are through the match and the local people to communicate, fortunately they will overcome these difficulties one by one, along the way Also encountered a lot of enthusiastic compatriots gave a lot of help. Wang Jianwei said that the first day to ask the way to Laos, encountered a steamed bread in Hunan compatriots, told them that the accommodation is very expensive, a Chinese people to buy bread that Wang Jianwei and his wife is riding a motorcycle to travel, they invited Wang Jianwei Two to their place to rent free to live. It turned out that the compatriots in Laos to do water conservancy projects, they rent a larger house, so that Wang Jianwei husband and wife stay free of charge for one night. To Bangkok, Thailand, they asked the way to meet a Chinese college students, he suggested that Wang Jianwei bought a local phone card, and help download a software, taught them how to search where to go. Driving to the old city of Yunnan, the motorcycle clutch line due to long-distance wear and tear serious need to replace the new, but he needs the fastest parts have to wait 3 days to repair shop owner learned that the two elderly riding a trip, Did not say, from their own newly bought the same type of motorcycle on the clutch line, installed in the Wang Jianwei motorcycle. "Along the way, we met a lot of enthusiastic people, they gave us a lot of help, very warm." Wang Jianwei said. Zhang Youzhen said, on the way back, they went to Hainan, in comparison, still feel the beauty of the United States, but can go abroad to see the country, but also to the country Look is also quite good. Driving travel than riding a motorcycle to be easy, but because Zhang Youzhen motion sickness, they travel with the basic choice of motorcycles. Zhang Youzhen said, now with his wife ran out, she also ran wild, but also want to go out to play. "In the motorcycle watching the scenery and look at the car is completely different, in the motorcycle you will be on the way to view the glance, but in the car is across the glass to see." Zhang Youzhen said with a smile. Wang Jianwei said that every trip out of the harvest are not the same, more open vision, the country after the deep feeling, or the motherland's good rivers and mountains good. "For our retired people, travel can increase the knowledge, and then look at the motherland's great rivers and mountains, but also a pleasure." Wang Jianwei said with a smile. China Daily News reporter Song Fengqin

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