Shanxi people were lying on the police situation was handled to let the police help his girlfriend home

The police according to their illegal circumstances according to their administrative detention for five days of punishment
(Reporter Song Lichao) 1 day reporter from Shanxi Province, Yangquan City Public Security Bureau was informed that the local police on the malicious call 110 alarm calls, false alarm, alarm and other disturbances of public order to carry out illegal activities Governance, 7 false alarm cases in 6 cases were administrative detention. Reporters comb found, lied to the police are mostly trouble for the drink, which was a continuous call 47 times the alarm call, so that the police help open the girlfriend's house. July 22 at 1 am, the suspect Xu Moujun, drink 47 consecutive call "110" alarm call, said "to return to his girlfriend home, but no one to him to open the door, asked the police to help open the door, also known as His girlfriend home stolen. During the disposal, then the police officers and police police patience to persuade many times, Jing Moujun not only ignored, but also continue to call "110" harassment, serious disruption of public order. According to the situation, the police immediately collected evidence and control it overnight. In the face of a lot of evidence, Jing Moujun false alarm, disrupt the order of the illegal facts of the unit confessed by the administrative detention of ten days of punishment. July 21 evening 19:00, Yangquan City Public Security Bureau City Branch then 110 alarm service desk instructions: "big Taipei wedding photography, a dispute." After investigation by the police investigation, the police Zhang Moulong accountable drunk to the big Taipei wedding shop to resolve the dispute. During the period, he intercepted a taxi for no reason to ask the driver and passengers to the police, was refused after Zhang Moulong hand bricks on the drivers and passengers threatened, and call 110 alarm phone lied to being threatened, was robbed. The police according to their illegal circumstances according to their administrative detention on the 10th day of punishment. June 27 at 1:00 pm, Yangquan City Public Security Bureau of the police station received 110 alarm service desk instructions: "race fish barbecue killing people." Police rushed to the scene to investigate quickly, but did not find the reported situation. After further verification, found that the police intelligence for the false alarm, then quickly violent suspect Luan Moujun control. After its account, Luan Moujun drink the day through the police to raise the attention of the police, to help find his wife away from home and fabricated false police intelligence. In this regard, the police according to their illegal circumstances according to their administrative detention for five days of punishment. In addition, Yangquan City Yuxian Public Security Bureau also investigated and dealt with Zhao Ruorui fake "Zhonglan village was killed, asked the public security organs to investigate and deal with" cases, Liu Mouli false "Yiyuan Hotel was raped" case 2, which is suspected of illegal Person Zhao Mourui was legally administrative detention for five days, Liu Moufang was over 16 years of age under the age of 18 years old, and the first violation of public security management, was punishable by a fine of 300 yuan. According to Yangquan police, the next step, the local public security organs at all levels will continue in accordance with the requirements of special governance work, the implementation of "to play to improve, to play synergies" work methods, found in the work of the poor nature of the bad cases To investigate and deal with the law, and through the media in a timely manner to exposure, in order to effectively reduce the false, malicious alarm caused by the waste of police resources as a means to maximize the effectiveness of public security organs to improve the efficiency of law enforcement. Author: SONG super

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